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2D soft magnetic powder is made from spherical soft magnetic powder through special flake treatment. This kind of soft magnetic alloy has high saturation magnetic induction strength, high magnetic permeability, low loss and other characteristics.

Domain-wall resonance and natural resonance occur at reasonable frequencies for powders designed at GHz, which is conducive to the absorption of electromagnetic waves. Using this type of powder as an absorbent to make absorbing materials can be used in higher frequency bands.

Product characteristic:

  • Large aspect ratio          

  • Equithickness

  • Narrow particle size                

  • Regular morphology

  • Proportion of moderate                

  • Metallic luster

Norminal Compositionwt%Specification

Permeability test method: 50vol% powder is mixed with 50vol% polyurethane to make a 0.1mm thick soft magnetic flake, then tested with E4991B + 16454A.


  • Film absorbing material

  • Absorbing paint

  • High-frequency electronic devices

  • Wireless charging components

  • 5G device material

  • Frequency conversion chip inductance, High Q filtering inductance

  • Line noise filter,Pulse transformer,Energy storage of switching power supply and Filter inductor

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